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Unlock Flash Encryption

In this service sector of the flash (swf) files do not break the lock, if you have files that you can not get it Decompile .
Or any kind of lock on it has been limited to the kind you have, you can send files Locking for us, we will send you a version without the lock. Or as Subsidiary services in Decompile or localized versions or change the size of the data and get it. This service is not unlimited!
Your files must first be reviewed to confirm that it is possible to break the lock, has had over 6 different types of locks that were built for Flash files.
Using reverse engineering knowledge and our team is broken and there are services and also check our other items and add their services soon.

 If you have flash file that is locked and you want to break the lock. go to the next step.

The cost of break the lock on the file type and its corresponding lock. Due to the fact that break the lock software or programs that do not prepare. And by programming and analysis and case studies done and this takes time. Naturally the cost of its own.
The typical cost of between 25$ to 200$ depending on the type of the variable is, for a certain price can be determined separately, and for those who apply Decompile and change the language, change the size and also the cost of these items will be calculate separately.

If you agree with these terms of cost and you can go to the next step and fill in the order form.

Enter your name and email address correctly and accurately. Subsequent communication is done by email. If you have any comments or requests in the session, Files individually, or select one or more compressed files, Consider the size limit is 8MB (for any file), and the format of zip, rar, swf to post is allowed, After review of your application file and the corresponding descriptions and fees and methods of payment will be sent to you.

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