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Custom ContextMenu in Flash

As you know, the Flash Player includes a control system associated with a right-click menu to enlarge and frame control and access to the player, this allows ActionScript code can be changed by a special building. If you want your own Context Menu in your project, or even in some...
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What is Citrus Engine?

What is Citrus Engine? A game engine is a professional-grade, scalable, industrial-quality flash game is to build the engine is built by modern means of programming the Flash, Its focus is to help you build an awesome game. for more information click here
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Convert Direct MySql to JSON

This time we have a function that is directly relevant to the query result Mysql to Json converts, In versions of PHP 5.2+ json_encode function created converting speed with which the work is easier. Of course, this function is not used, and that can be a good thing to learn...
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