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Born: May 27, 1988 Occupation: Adobe Flash, programming and web design, graphic design, multimedia, web-based software

Custom ContextMenu in Flash

As you know, the Flash Player includes a control system associated with a right-click menu to enlarge and frame control and access to the player, this allows ActionScript code can be changed by a special building. If you want your own Context Menu in your project, or even in some...
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Samsung SmartTV Festival Sharif University Of Technology

The Samsung Smart TV Award Winners held in cooperation with the SUT were announced. Abrara eghtesady reporter at the festival with the theme of ideas and applications from Samsung’s Smart TV station. Participants competed in four different groups. During the festival, exhibitions, digital media training workshop in collaboration with the...
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Introducing Starling Framework

What is Starling? If you want to explain briefly, Starling an open source framework (OpenSource) to develop a new method Stage3D 2-D processing by the graphics card (GPU) does, is. What Straling applications? Perhaps the best application, we can construct two-dimensional games with very high efficiency and speed, with the...
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16 Formula Applied Mathematics in ActionScript 3.0

1. Distance between two points
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GetURL function in ActionScript 3

If you know you have worked with ActionScript 2, open to the requests and requests web links and web addresses are used getURL command. Of course, this function is not supported in this way in ActionScript 3. In this article we want this function to prepare the old name for...
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What is Citrus Engine?

What is Citrus Engine? A game engine is a professional-grade, scalable, industrial-quality flash game is to build the engine is built by modern means of programming the Flash, Its focus is to help you build an awesome game. for more information click here
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