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About Behrouz Pooladrag

Technical Skills



Knowledge: Extensive

Four years of experience with PHP, and almost three years with MySQL, puts me in the place of stating that I really do a good job with this language. PHP is a flexible, powerful yet simple language for web applications and websites. MySQL is, as far as it goes, the most popular web database platform available yet.

Advanced Skills: Algorithm and Programming Web application, Flash Communication with PHP and MySQL, AMF and Falcon method server side connection with flash and php and create web application with php for server side and flash for user interfaces (like flash CMS).



Knowledge: Extensive

Knowledge and information on how to use different standard codes, different methods, special techniques, and skill mix and placing the control requirements under the plan requires the appropriate locations, according to the application of standards and quality and accessible And other important rules in web design.

Advanced Skills: Hand-coded HTML and CSS coding and no need to manually program dedicated to coding, optimization and compression techniques for building short and loading speed faster, optimize their content pages and search engine appropriate to increase statistics and visits, preparing a code page with a powerful and integrated in all browsers with the same appearance.


JavaScript, JSON & XML

Knowledge: Good

I can develop client-side applications written in pure JavaScript and make them Interact with remote web servers through service-enabled PHP applications. I use JSON and XML data formats to send and get data between server and client. Data are sent and received with Ajax.

Advanced Skills: Developing multi-platform, cross-browser and Object Oriented Applications.



JQuery Framework

Knowledge: Very Good

I have a good knowledge of how to develop applications (client side) with jQuery JavaScript and Ajax Framework. JQuery has started to become very popular among web developer community because of it’s light weight, small learning curve, and easy to extend framework.



Knowledge: Very Good ~ Extensive

I can develop full flash dynamic web site, desktop application, widgets, flash lite (mobile flash), web application and RIA (Rich internet application) by ActionScript version 3, 2, 1 in Adobe Flash Professional. Working with classes for professional development with ActionScript, building and programming ActionScript classes, working with three-dimensional engine building and engine analyst physics and AI engines, and making games with Flash and ActionScript.




Knowledge: Very Good ~ Extensive

Design, implement, programmer Maltese media with new methods and updated, with new and innovative user interfaces.


Desktop Application and RIA (Rich Internet Application)

Knowledge: Very Good ~ Extensive

Construction, programming, design, desktop software, and rich Internet applications with the latest methods, such as Adobe Air and … With beautiful environment and high mobility, allowing the performance and installation on all platforms automatically very low volume, and with the ability to like, support the touch screen, touch Maltese, multi-monitor support in special circumstances, read and record Information on the Web and … .


Devices and Phone and Smart TV (LG & Samsung)

Knowledge: Very Good ~ Extensive

Design and programming for the new generation phones, like, IPhone, IPad, Tablet and groups Android phones and Smart TV like LG Smart TV and Samsung Smart TV.


Graphic Design Tools

Knowledge: Very Good ~ Extensive

Adobe Flash, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe after Effect —(Mac, Windows)



Microsoft Windows, Linux


Development Environments

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Flash Builder, MDM Zinc, LG IDE …

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