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Samsung SmartTV Festival Sharif University Of Technology

The Samsung Smart TV Award Winners held in cooperation with the SUT were announced. Abrara eghtesady reporter at the festival with the theme of ideas and applications from Samsung’s Smart TV station. Participants competed in four different groups.
During the festival, exhibitions, digital media training workshop in collaboration with the University of Technology also began producing software, and registered in the festival was www.samsungdforum.ir through the site.
And the winners are announced and the awards ceremony after the deadline ideas and works of the ninth day of March of this year was postponed.  The festival is judged by a team of professionals and Samsung SUT based on criteria such as innovation, value, and quality product possible has been done.

In programming the Festival four categories, including games, education and awareness, service or service finally made ​​their tools.
The participants of this competition are required to submit their work in one of these categories are ,The festival’s jury to review all submitted ideas, the idea of creating a digital library (with the ability to read and share eBooks) of Mahmoud Khadem, reminder systems (television programs, drug and different occasions) the promise of the Moradi ,Travel guide of S. Ghasemi, provide first aid and home safety of a virtual shrine of Imam Reza Morteza Ghofranipour.F and Stone Master of the ideas appreciated. As this festival in the Arcade racing applications, puzzle (Zahra Shah Mohammad), the puzzle picture fades (Mottaghi omid Raad and Ali Sattar) and a thousand ways (Ehsan Arash) were the winners of the first three festivals and won best software training and information JAAAR (Hossein Shams), General English (Ariana have thought), Ist (Behrouz Pooladrag) belongs Grft.dr the online help of the software specifications software offered to festivals Lingua Player (Mohammad sadegh Babayi), MyAquarium (Ms Shafizada) and assistant Samsung (Ali ghanee) first to third place win.
And finally, the award for Best TV Products Electronic payment service provider of innovative IT services company Pasargadae, news feeds and S4 service of Sydsjadtbatbayy products Mydrayanh Sharif was awarded , The winners of valuable prizes including Samsung Smart TVs and cameras were awarded.
Samsung Electronics is a leading company in the field of electronics and communication products and digital , With more than 200 employees in more than 75 countries around the world, always looking for market leadership technology and quality of life of our clients through innovation and initiative.
And has been a revolutionary change in the world of television, smart phones, computers, printers, cameras and home appliances has created.

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