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Introducing Starling Framework

Introducing Starling Framework

What is Starling?

If you want to explain briefly, Starling an open source framework (OpenSource) to develop a new method Stage3D 2-D processing by the graphics card (GPU) does, is.

What Straling applications?

Perhaps the best application, we can construct two-dimensional games with very high efficiency and speed, with the characteristic use of hardware acceleration in Flash Player 11 to Stage3D that has been created.I could not imagine giving.

See the introduction to the book.

Starling Framework to be updated?

Although this framework is free and open source, but has good support and is now in a transition and is in version 1.0.


Starling intellectual framework for the Maltese touch and it has been tested?

What to do with the framework is Starling?

And it has also taken advantage of this framework.

How do we get the framework Starling?

The latest version of the Framework can be downloaded from this address.



There are reference books about Starling Framework?

Fortunately, the answer is yes.  This free book will also work with all parts of this framework is intended.  Reference that can be very good for developers.  You can download this book now.

Documents related to the core framework Starling can get the address http://doc.starling-framework.org/core/


Download Book Introducing Starling

Starling to start working with the framework to do what?

First, can the demo to see a typical feature of this framework.

The program with which you work (eg Flash), Flash Player 11 ready to work with the output

Use of this guide for Flash applications.

The first step is to test the SWC library that received the Straling add to the project.
Edit ActionScript Setting for this use of the code used to define the main class.


import flash.display.Sprite;
import starling.core.Starling;

[SWF(width="400", height="300", frameRate="60", backgroundColor="#ffffff")]
public class Startup extends Sprite
    private var _starling:Starling;

    public function Startup()
        _starling = new Starling(Game, stage);

And then create a file with this code Game.as entered into it and save:

import starling.display.Sprite;
import starling.text.TextField;

public class Game extends Sprite
    public function Game()
        var textField:TextField = new TextField(400, 300, "Welcome to Starling!");

You can now project to test it, note that for the test and see the need for the project by Flash Player 11 or a browser that Flash Player is a test, if you intend to file within the page Embed and placed on the Web Bays are to note that for Embed and Object tags in HTML wmode attribute must be set on direct.

For the next step and learn more about this educational video, you can also see.

Finally, I recommend to check the website of this framework and other information you need to get.



note :new version of free book for direct download ،  Download Introducing Starling

Download Book Introducing Starling

Succeed and be victorious.

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