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What is Citrus Engine?

What is Citrus Engine?

A game engine is a professional-grade, scalable, industrial-quality flash game is to build the engine is built by modern means of programming the Flash, Its focus is to help you build an awesome game. for more information click here

It has a price of 400$ is available to developers. Fortunately it is now free and open source.

This engine is used to build Platformer games, for the core engine of the language, ActionScript 3 is used, that the physical analysis also controlled by box2d.
A typical example of the kind of games where you can see the front page of the website Citrus Engine.

In addition, the engine is a software to make the job easier, the software has been created by Adobe AIR, i suggest you test the length of the program.

The great thing about using game engines, require knowledge of programming is less about the game, the world can be a lot of exciting games in the flash.

I think it is time now that you have become more familiar with this engine, call it a litmus test.

Website Citrus Engine

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