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Extract Swf file from Mochimedia Encrypted file – MochiDecrypter

Maybe your website mochimedia and services that meet you and maybe many games by this code, have seen you play, the method mochimedia emissions are primarily a perloader that, along with a symbol lock is…
Perhaps we were already being protected.

The software is now like a utility for Decompile files are locked with the above method.
Swf file to your home and provides that any application can Decompile getting there!

Is a simple GUI interface , Just your files Drag and Drop in your program.
Program to break the lock file and extract the original file, and give you.
The extracted files are saved in the original file.
Meanwhile, right-click and select Browse File, you can also select your desired file.

If you find a way to break the locks have security in Flash! you can expand your personal experience to share.

Programming environment:

User Mode program is considered so Both in English and Persian Languages to give enough information to work with.

Program Information:

Version : 1.0.0
Adobe Air Installer : Adobe Air 2.5 or higher
size: 275 kb
Release date : 24 June 2011
Powered by : Flash CS5.5 , ActionScript 3.o , Adobe Air
Designer and Programmer : Behrouz Pooladrag


Latest Release MochiDecrypt by format AIR – Be installed on any system that is Have Adobe AIR

Latest Release MochiDecrypt by format EXE – Be installed on any system that is Have Adobe AIR


Windows 7 is better to run that program, right click and click Run as administrator option to run the program.

Changes made in new versions

Version : 1.0.0

The first version was created.


If you have a problem or see an error in the program. You can be the same for bug fixes and improvements to the program tell me.

Test :

Sample game locked for unlock test.  Download sample game

Download it and Drag to App.

be successful.


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